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Not something I see very often in writing, but something I find delightful. Here you’ll find writers spewing expletives about the things they hate, and here you’ll also find writers writing about things they love that make all the things they hate worth it.

Choosing Heaven

  • 4 min read

A polemic on the illusion of choice in religion, written by Ernestine-Vera Kabushemeye Gahimbare.


Rant: On Being Short

  • 10 min read

Updated: Feb 6 I’m extremely short. I like to claim I’m 5’1, but I’m probably closer to 5’0 or so. Don’t let my bitter, mean-spirited past posts deceive you. I’m actually pretty chill with being short usually. Often times, I don’t even notice just how short I am because it’s about what’s on the inside, yo. But there are someRead More »Rant: On Being Short


A Rant On YouTube: The Sequel

  • 19 min read

When I had just started Satyr Central, one of my earliest rants was about the clusterfuck that is Youtube. But immediately after posting that rant, I regretted it; how had I managed to miss so many terrible aspects of a terribly run company in my rush to have my first rant posted? In that initial rant, I focused on fourRead More »A Rant On YouTube: The Sequel