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Science Fiction/Fantasy/Horror

Writing that is just out of this world. Or maybe IN this world, but with something really cool happening like robots or holograms or some shit. Also all things magical, fantastical, and maybe a little bit strange. Here be dragons (and hopefully they’ll stay).

Short Story: The Zombie Con by Theodore Monk

  • 47 min read

When a valuable copy of the Necronomicon vanishes from the annual Zombie Convention, it’s up to private eye Aria Peaseblossom to locate the missing tome.

8 Fantasy Story Plot Ideas that Don’t Involve Quests

  • 1 Comment
  • 18 min read

Maybe everything is a quest. Hell, I don’t know. But I’m here to gift you beloved noodles with some fantasy plot ideas that are not the traditional “journey to find something and stop the bad guy” quest.