Tonya Moore

One of the coolest author websites I’ve ever come across. Not only does the lovely Tonya Moore have a blog filled with writing advice, book reviews, and helpful/entertaining writerly discussions, but it’s also where you can find her ongoing web series, Goddess of the Anthropocene. Follow the adventures of Cassandra Baron, a goddess embarking on a dangerous adventure to save her mother’s life.


Rahaman Writing

One of our very first contributors with a unique eldritch, sci-fi/fantasy/horror mix. Not only does this wonderful writer frequently post short stories set in his delightfully bizarre worlds, but he also posts fun quizzes (wanna summon a demon? You can take a quiz on it!), a plethora of polls, votes on which short stories get posted next, and a newsletter that is far better curated and managed than ours (hey, I can accept where I could use some improvement, friends).


angry noodle mascots

Byron López Ellington

Byron López Ellington wears many hats: poet, activist, fantasy writer, aspiring voice actor, and much more. His poetry has been featured in numerous poetry and literary magazines.

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