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Black Lives Matter, Allyship, and the Site Going Forward

I’m very, very active on Twitter. The vast majority of people reading this probably know that already because that’s most likely how you found Satyr in the first place. One thing I’ve come across a lot has been other Black people pointing out that it’s not our job to educate non-Black people on the movement, police abolition, racism, etc, etc.… Read More »Black Lives Matter, Allyship, and the Site Going Forward


The Angry Noodle Society

  • 5 min read

Everyone tried to get me off Twitter. It failed. NICE TRY, FUCKERS (and by “fuckers,” I mean close friends and family who care about my mental health and don’t want to see me obsessing over social media in any way, shape, or form, which is entirely understandable and I do not fault them in any way for looking out for… Read More »The Angry Noodle Society