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Rating My Favorite Scary SCPs

  • 25 min read

The SCP Foundation is one giant collaborative project made up of a community of amazing writers coming together to write some real scary (and sometimes funny, sometimes sad) shit. From urban legend-esque monsters that keep you up at night to horrifying body horror plagues, there’s no limit to the strange objects, monsters, people, illnesses, events, and all things in between… Read More »Rating My Favorite Scary SCPs


Short Story: Angel in the Alley

  • 10 min read

by Andrew Slinde When I was a kid, I used to see things. Now, every kid sees things once in a while – that chair piled with clothes suddenly becomes a hulking monster in the glow of the nightlight, that sort of thing – but sometimes, I’m still sure that the things I saw were real. Call me crazy, but… Read More »Short Story: Angel in the Alley


Short Story: What Lurks Under the Bed

  • 5 min read

Updated: Feb 6 by Jon-Paul McGowan J’DAH Settle down, settle down. (Bangs gavel) Order. I hereby call the 1,349th meeting of the Benevolent Order of Outrageous Otherlanders, or Boooo, to order. Per tradition I will read off our mission statement: Our goal is to be the monsters they need to protect them from the real monster in their lives. I… Read More »Short Story: What Lurks Under the Bed