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Choosing Heaven

  • 4 min read

A polemic on the illusion of choice in religion, written by Ernestine-Vera Kabushemeye Gahimbare.


Rant: On Being Short

  • 10 min read

Updated: Feb 6 I’m extremely short. I like to claim I’m 5’1, but I’m probably closer to 5’0 or so. Don’t let my bitter, mean-spirited past posts deceive you. I’m actually pretty chill with being short usually. Often times, I don’t even notice just how short I am because it’s about what’s on the inside, yo. But there are someRead More »Rant: On Being Short


A Rant On YouTube: The Sequel

  • 19 min read

When I had just started Satyr Central, one of my earliest rants was about the clusterfuck that is Youtube. But immediately after posting that rant, I regretted it; how had I managed to miss so many terrible aspects of a terribly run company in my rush to have my first rant posted? In that initial rant, I focused on fourRead More »A Rant On YouTube: The Sequel