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Short Story: The Birth of Mancafar

  • 23 min read

by Reyadh Rahaman Chapter 1: Cannibal The darkness roared like black thunder as the first ate the second. The eldest of the tar-like sludge beings began its slow, deliberate rampage. It slowly consumed the second born of the planet. Its inky, slimy body oozed down the gaping maw of the first predator, known henceforth as the Cannibal. It took aRead More »Short Story: The Birth of Mancafar


Short Story: Angel in the Alley

  • 10 min read

by Andrew Slinde When I was a kid, I used to see things. Now, every kid sees things once in a while – that chair piled with clothes suddenly becomes a hulking monster in the glow of the nightlight, that sort of thing – but sometimes, I’m still sure that the things I saw were real. Call me crazy, butRead More »Short Story: Angel in the Alley