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Twice before, I’ve counted my personal top ten Scary SCPs. One, two. See? And since the SCP Foundation is so much more than justscary monsters,” I figured now was about the right time to present my list of the most friendly SCPs.

Asking “What are the friendliest SCPs” can be a bit complicated considering so many are either so strange that it’s difficult to parse their intentions, or so dangerous that it’s pretty safe to say they’re not winning any awards for “friendliest SCP” any time soon. But believe it or not, there’s quite a few friendly, pleasant SCPs out there. Here, I’ll show you!

Side note: Because I ranked my previous “scary SCPs” by a number of different criteria (article rating, existential crisis level, and whether or not painful deaths are involved), we are doing the same thing here. But this time, we’ll be ranking by article quality, friendliness factor, and whether or not I would be able to give this SCP a hug.

Let’s begin.


What Is the SCP Foundation?

The SCP Foundation is a giant collaborative writing project in which entries are written in the form of classified files. The Foundation itself is a secret government organization studying and containing dangerous anomalies of all kinds: from useful objects, to horrifying monsters, to unexplainable events. As of right now, there are thousands of entries, with new tales and lore being added every day.

That’s more lore than I’ll ever be able to cover myself, including added object classes, risk classes, disruption classes, containment classes, and secondary classes. For simplicity’s sake, I will be sticking with the original object classes, as I have not yet delved into the later series as much as I would like.


SCP Object Class Guide for New Readers:

  • Safe: Objects classified as Safe are fairly easy to contain and tend to be less dangerous than their Euclid and Keter counterparts. That does not mean, however, that Safe objects are entirely safe; it just means that whatever danger they pose can be more easily prevented and contained, and anyone who comes into contact with these objects should still exercise caution.
  • Euclid: Less predictable than Safe objects, Euclid objects tend to be harder to contain and deadlier. However, following proper containment procedures usually means these objects don’t pose too much of a threat so long as you’re careful. They’ll still probably kill you at some point, though.
  • Keter: Unpredictable and extremely difficult to contain, Keter objects are also typically the most dangerous. In fact, in the event of a containment breach, if the Keter object in question is dangerous enough, nuking its entire containment site to neutralize it is not beyond the realm of possibility.

Note: It is possible for objects originally classified as one class to be ranked up or ranked down depending on their behavior. See SCP-1048 as an example, which was moved from Safe classification to Keter after a certain incident.

Other Note: I will not be including any entries from Dr. Wondertainment; Ambrose Restaurant; Marshall, Carter, and Dark Ltd, or any of the other groups of interest on the SCP Foundation’s radar. Only entries discovered by or currently held by the SCP Foundation shall be considered (since the other SCP hubs deserve a post of their own!).


10. SCP-54: The Water Nymph

closeup of jets of water erupting from a water fountain

Object Class: Safe

What It Does: She’s a very nice water lady.

Why It Gets Its Classification: She’s mostly friendly, and because she’s contained in a watertight room with climate control, she is not difficult to contain.

Article Rating: 8/10

Friendliness Factor: 6.5/10

Could I Give It a Hug? Kiiiiiind of? She’s water.

SCP-54 is one of those SCPs that I feel really bad for. She seems like a total sweetheart, having never demonstrated any violent tendencies until experimented on by the Foundation. Tests conducted include depriving her of water, keeping her in extreme temperatures (at one point letting her freeze solid and collecting pieces of her for testing), and applying electrical shocks as “motivation.” Researchers have even attempted applying acid to her containment, and this was the last entry in the testing log.

The only reason SCP-54 was ever classified as Euclid was because of her lashing out after increasingly cruel experiments. She has developed a mistrust of male personnel and was reclassified as Safe after five years of no incidents with female personnel.


9. SCP-85: Cassandra (Cassy)

2d drawing of a young woman in a dress, hair tied into a ponytail, seated on a surface
Image property of the SCP Foundation

Object Class: Safe

What It Does: It’s a living drawing of a young woman, able to travel between sheets of paper or canvas surfaces. She goes by “Cassy.”

Why It Gets Its Classification: She is described by SCP class personnel as “amicable and motivated, albeit lonely.” Additionally, she is rather easily contained by keeping her confined to paper surfaces inside the containment area.

Article Rating: 7/10

Friendliness Factor: 8/10

Could I Give It a Hug? No, but I want to. =(

SCP-85 or “Cassy,” is a sentient drawing created as a result of experimenting with SCP-67 (an anomalous fountain pen) and SCP-914 (an anomalous clockwork device). She cannot speak but is capable of communicating through writing or sign language. She is capable of moving between 2D planes, more specifically sheets of paper. For example, should you introduce a sheet of paper to SCP-85’s drawing pad containment, she will be able to move between the drawing pad and the sheet of paper. Additionally, she can interact with anything drawn in 2D, for instance eating a drawn chocolate cake or wearing a drawn pair of pants.

Cassy is now aware of her limitations as a 2D drawing and has developed clinical depression as a result of this realization. Which is just…wow. Poor thing. Someone draw her a friend or something, yeesh.


8. SCP-1230: The Book

Photograph of SCP-1230, an aged green hardcover book
Image property of the SCP Foundation

Object Class: Safe

What It Does: Transports those who open the book into a fantasy world once they fall asleep. Dreamers are helped along on their fantasy adventure by a bearded man, SCP-1230-1, also know as the “Book Keeper,” who is the personification of the book itself.

Why It Gets Its Classification: Just don’t open it, and it’s as good as contained

Article Rating: 7.5/10

Friendliness Factor: 6/10

Could I Give It a Hug? You can probably hug the bearded guy? He seems nice.

Maladaptive daydreamers rejoice! This here little book does what we try to get our brain meats to do every day of our lives since we were like twelve: transports you into the fantasy adventure of your dreams, where you are the protagonist.

Unlike most dreams, subjects who experience the fantastical dream are able to recall it in detail, and the Book Keeper always strives to create a fantasy world the subject would most enjoy. In short, it is a book that allows you to dream up your greatest fantasy adventure that you can perfectly recall. So it’s basically every writer and daydreamer’s greatest wish.

There’s a dark side to the book, though, albeit not really the book’s intention. If you’re someone like me, someone who daydreams for hours at a time and can get lost in the worlds you’ve created, you might find that the dreams the book plunges you into are preferable to the real life you live. The book is able to keep you locked into your perfect fantasy world for as long as centuries…but eventually, you have to return. Some people handle that return to reality worse than others.


7. SCP-131: The Eye Pods

Image of a red a yellow
Image property of the SCP Foundation

Object Class: Safe

What It Does: They’re cute little rolly dudes with an eyeball in the center that behave like cats or dogs. They bond to staff personnel, following them around the facility and warning them when they are in the vicinity of a potentially dangerous Euclid or Keter-class subject.

Why It Gets Its Classification: They’re basically sweet, cute little puppies that just like to observe and follow people around.

Article Rating: 7/10

Friendliness Factor: 8/10

Could I Give It a Hug? Yes.

These little dudes, affectionately dubbed the “Eye Pods” by SCP staff, like to roll around looking at stuff. That’s about it. They find people to bond with, at which point they loyally follow them around like a lost puppy. It’s very cute.

They are so friendly and helpful that they are even being considered as a solution to one of the Foundation’s most infamous subjects: SCP-173. If you’ve never heard of SCP-173, it’s an odd looking statue that secretes blood and feces. Someone has to be observing it at all times, or else it moves at lightning fast speed and snaps your neck. Yeah.

Since the loveable little Eye Pods have an eyeball right smack dab in the middle of them—an eye that never blinks, mind you—they are being considered as a possible solution to this infamous Euclid-class SCP. Cute, friendly, and helpful.


6. SCP-1048: The Teddy Bear

photograph of a brown teddy bear on a blue surface with a blue background

I’m kidding.


6. SCP-3867: Sweet Cats & Perfect Dogs

black and white photograph of a dog laying in a bed

Object Class: Euclid

What It Does: Documents the everyday activities of the visitors’ dog or cat in real time. Living or dead.

Why It Gets Its Classification: While relatively harmless, it’s unknown how this anomalous website functions or how it’s able to track the real-time status of every single visitors’ pet(s). It may possess some kind of omniscience or clairvoyance, but researchers have yet to understand how it works, much less how to contain or neutralize it.

Article Rating: 11/10. The testing log is magnificent.

Friendliness Factor: 6/10. We don’t know much about this site or its mysterious creator. But they evidently really, really like dogs and cats, so they seem pretty chill for an eldritch being.

Could I Give It a Hug? No, it’s a website. Hug your pets, though.

This entry has everything: sad vibes, hilarious vibes, mysterious spooky vibes, utterly grim and disturbing vibes…

Sweet Cats & Perfect Dogs is an anomalous website that features the pets of…well, everyone. It’s been tested on researchers across the Foundation, and yep, anyone who visits the site has their pet featured. For example, when Researcher Jade visited the site, a photo of her precious doggo Franklin appeared, asleep on the couch and—according the the site—peacefully awaiting her return.

It’s eerie that the site knows exactly what each pet is doing or thinking at exactly that moment. And it’s not just living pets. Pets that have already crossed the rainbow bridge can also be featured. For better or worse.

I really recommend looking at each experiment log for this one. Super creative, with several callbacks to other SCPs and named researchers.


5. SCP-348: The Soup

Photograph of SCP-348, a white ceramic bowl of chicken noodle soup
Image property of the SCP Foundation

Object Class: Safe

What It Does: Manifests a bowl of soup when in the presence of a sick or injured child. The soup always reminds the subject of a parents’ cooking, and even occasionally includes a note from said parent. Less effective on subjects older than 18.

Why It Gets Its Classification: It’s a bowl of soup.

Article Rating: 8/10

Friendliness Factor: 10/10. It heals you and is essentially your parents’ love manifested to comfort you when you’re ill or injured.

Could I Give It a Hug? If you are okay hugging a bowl of soup, ya silly.

This SCP strikes a chord for…well, anyone who needs some love and comfort. And it comes to you in the form of what else but a nice, warm bowl of soup?

It’s like a little healing elixir that also comforts you as you eat it. Reminding you of those days in your childhood where you stayed home from school with a cold, watching cartoons and eating your mom’s chicken noodle soup. Falling asleep on the couch and waking up the next morning tucked into bed.

Yes, I’ve been watching a lot of nostalgia TikToks.

(The “wow, I remember that” nostalgia moments fill me with an eerie mix of overwhelming joy and crushing grief, a painful reminder that time marches ever onward, and the innocence and blissful ignorance we had as children is fading to a distant memory as we watch an empire fall, and a dying world that we have to face every day trying to pretend we’re strong enough to cope with it, because so many of of us can’t survive if we go even a day without grinding from 8 or 9 in the morning to 5 or 6 at night; can’t address the massive wealth gap specifically because of that very wealth gap, and all because like twelve people own such an unfathomably large amount of wealth that they’ll never need in even a thousand lifetimes, leaving us watching TikToks about a time when we were too young to understand the meaninglessness of life, scrolling and listening to these sad and nostalgic little viral sounds and scrolling through post after post of what used to be, all so that we can feel even just a tiny shred—just a little taste of the joy we could have had if our world was fair the way we thought it was when we were too small and too dumb to know any better.

Or something like that.)


4. SCP-4999: Someone to Watch Over Us

black and white photograph of a man in a suit holding a cigarette
Image property of the SCP Foundation

Object Class: Keter

What It Does: Provides you comfort in your final moments

Why It Gets Its Classification: While (fortunately) not observed to have malicious intent of any kind, SCP-4999 nonetheless cannot really be contained. But because it only appears to those near death, and only one at a time, this is probably one of the few Keter SCPs that the Foundation doesn’t have to worry about too much.

Article Rating: 9/10. Short, but beautiful.

Friendliness Factor: 10/10

Could I Give It a Hug? Yes, but only if you’re about to croak.

Death is life’s greatest mystery. And no matter what comes next, no one wants to die alone. That’s where SCP-4999 comes in.

Manifesting only in the presence of someone at death’s door, SCP-4999 provides comfort to those shuffling off this mortal coil. Think chill mafia dude offering you a cigarette, sitting at your bedside and holding your hand so the lifelong fear of death becomes just a little less scary.

Subjects visited by SCP-4999 are typically the most vulnerable and/or alone (the unhoused, the impoverished, the loners who fly under the radar, and so on), lacking friends or family to hold their hand and comfort them—those neglected and forgotten by society but no less deserving of someone by their side when they take their final breaths.

Is SCP-4999 the Grim Reaper? Death itself? Who knows? What we do know is that despite its immortal, all-knowing nature, it has never been found to harm anyone when it manifests, and its primary purpose seems to be just…providing comfort to those who need it most.


3. SCP-2295: The Bear With a Heart of Patchwerk

photograph of a patchwerk bear in someone's arms
Image property of the SCP Foundation

Object Class: Safe

What It Does: Restores heavily damaged organs through anomalous means.

Why It Gets Its Classification: It’s a harmless stuffed bear that will stay in containment unless taken out.

Article Rating: 9/10

Friendliness Factor: 10/10

Could I Give It a Hug? YES!

This precious patchwork stuffed bear is not only a source of comfort but also a healer of the sick and/or injured. When within two meters of a human subject with damaged organs (whether from trauma or illness), SCP-2295 will proceed to produce scissors and thread as well as either a sewing needle or a crochet hook. Tools in hand, our friendly little bear will knit or crochet a patchwork copy of the subject’s damaged organ, hereby referred to as SCP-2295-1. At this point, the subject will fall unconscious, and the SCP-2295-1 instance will replace the damaged organ. Good as new.

As a big fan of crocheting, I am particularly fond of this little dude. I also highly recommend reading the testing log, especially the last one if you’re looking to shed a tear or two.


2. SCP-999: The Tickle Monster

Digital illustration of a happy SCP-999 sitting in a jar of peanut butter
Illustration of SCP-999 by: @TheCozyCapybara

Object Class: Safe

What It Does: Imagine the most lovable, huggable creature imaginable. One that enjoys sweets, loves you unconditionally, and is so friendly and healing to the psyche that the SCP Foundation is currently considering the possibility of using it to develop an antidepressant

Why It Gets Its Classification: Look at that thing. And I know, the SCP Foundation’s classification of “Safe” doesn’t technically mean safe safe, just easier to contain. But you really can’t get more “Safe” than this, can you?

Article Rating: 10/10. I don’t care if it’s everyone’s favorite.

Friendliness Factor: 10/10

Could I Give It a Hug? YES, ABSOLUTELY. This thing will hug your face off. And literally cure your depression by doing so!

I know avid readers of the SCP Foundation probably expected this one. Sorry for being predictable, but I’m not sorry for including this, and you can take it up with your mama if you have a problem.

One of the most popular SCPs around, SCP-999 is also unique in that it’s one of the few, well, nice SCPs. Truly nice. Not just impassive or “relatively harmless,” or “so enigmatic that we just assume it doesn’t care about the human species enough to cause massive devastation,” but actively friendly. Like, it just wants to hug you and give you love all the time and gets extremely distressed if it ever thinks it might have hurt you.

It’s basically a little orange blobby antidepressant. It’s even so nice that it’s allowed to freely roam the facility to cheer up staff.

There’s apparently a whole bunch of lore having to do with the Scarlet King, but I must admit that I know nothing about it and, quite frankly, can’t tell if it’s a meme or not.

So we’ll just list the happy gooey boi and leave it at that.


1. SCP-4966: Tubbioca: Lord of Munchies

photo of SCP-4999, a grey plushy with two stubby arms
Image property of the SCP Foundation

Object Class: Safe

What It Does: It’s a living quadrupedal plushie capable of consuming any lifeform and assimilating the traits of what it consumes.

Why It Gets Its Classification: Just give it some munchies and it’s chill.

Article Rating: 9/10

Friendliness Factor: 10/10

Could I Give It a Hug? YES. YES, you absolutely CAN.

All this sweet little plushie baby wants is some munchies and hugs. Its vocalizations and behaviors are most similar to those of a cat, except in cases where it consumes something (or someone), in which case it rapidly evolves the traits of what it consumes (for example: when it consumed the corpse of an ostrich, it grew longer legs and a longer neck).

SCP-4966 is uninterested in hurting anyone and is driven by a love of snacks (referred to henceforth as “munchies”) and hugs. Upon consuming the corpse of a human, it develops the ability to speak at the level of a young child, at which point it expresses its desire for more munchies.

One case file details its interview with a researcher, a good chunk of which was taken up by its demands for a more comfortable enclosure and—most importantly—more munchies. Despite its incredible and dangerous capabilities, SCP-4966 seems content to laze around its enclosure without incident…so long as you make sure to provide it with plenty of munchies.


GIF of a dancing bowl of noodles

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