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I pay $30 for guest posts via PayPal (Venmo also works fine, if preferred).

If you like to write (examples at the links):

…then you’re a good fit for The Angry Noodle. Basically, anything spec fic with some pop culture sprinkled in.

Email me at editors@theangrynoodle.com with your pitch and/or guest post. If I feel your post is not quite the right fit, or if there are too many errors (grammar, spelling, formatting), I will respectfully decline. If I accept your post, I will also make and run edits by you before publication.

Please take a look at other posts, both mine and guest posts, to get an idea of the kind of content I publish. I reserve the right to make editorial changes to accepted works (which I will run by you before publishing). You are free to pick images or videos to match to the post if you have any in particular you’d like to use, but it is not required and I usually find images for every post myself. I do not accept previously published work, nor do I accept sponsored posts.

I am very much open to swapping guest posts. If you run a blog and are working on building up some backlinks, I’m more than happy to collaborate with you. I’m tryna build domain authority myself, so I respect the grind.

I am also open to working with you on editing the piece if you have an idea but could use some guidance. In this case, I ask for your patience, however.


Please provide:

  • an author photo (or let me know if you’d prefer not to send one)
  • a short author bio
  • your pitch for a post idea, or your post (at least 600 words)
  • social links (if you’d like to include any)
  • your PayPal or Venmo for payment (should your post or your pitch be accepted)


Post samples: 

a line of angry noodles lined up, from left to right: Unhappy Udon, Mad Macaroni, Raging Rigatoni, Furious Fettucine, Peeved Pasta, and Sassy Spaghetti

GIF of a dancing bowl of noodles

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