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So, how does one make a magic mirror in these contemporary times? It’s understandable that you’d ask this question. You wouldn’t be reading this if you weren’t curious.

Originally, magicians like you and me who made such charms, created the whole thing by hand. Then, they’d enchant the reflection coating prior to the silvering process. That of course was back in the days of cottage industry and artisan craftsmanship, when consumers prized quality and care over quantity and efficiency. (If you’d like a full History of the craft, click the enclosed link.)

However, with the advent of factory-made, mass produced products such practices have become obsolete. Even magicians must modernize. Thus, here I seek to teach you the modern method of mirror-making: the post-production form.


Step One

You must obtain the subject of your proposed enchantment: a mirror.

Good quality mirrors, such as those framed in wood or metal, work best. Mirrors framed in fiberglass or plastic are more likely to break when enchanted due to the material’s higher fragility. (You may thank built-in obsolescence for that.)




Step Two

Once you’ve acquired your mirror, you must select which enchantment you wish to cast. This of course will depend upon what sort of mirror you wish to create. (Click the Spells link to go to our curated catalogue of incantations).

Three classic enchantments include:

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The Truth Charm:

Loose the tongue, devoid of ruth,

Hence, only reveal the truth.

(WARNING: do not enchant mirrors you or your significant other will use regularly. If you or they ask it how you look, it will be honest. Trust me, it’s unpleasant.)


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  • The Animation Charm:

Object at rest, without a voice,

Respond now, with words of your choice.

(WARNING: again, do not enchant mirrors you or your significant other will use regularly. If you say something to the mirror, it will respond as it pleases, and may rip you a new one. Again, take my word for it.)

orb depicting winter landscape with forest and snowThe Clairvoyance Charm:

Aid me in my puzzling quest,

Show me where my targets rest.

(WARNING: do not enchant mirrors to which your significant other or other potentially dangerous people will have regular access. If you lie, they will use it to hunt you down and do you harm. Or so I’ve heard.)


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Step Three

Enchant the mirror (Duh).

To do this, simply aim your wand, or other spell-casting apparatus, at the epicenter of the mirror. Proceed then to speak your chosen charm’s incantation and fire away.

You must be cautious, however. A mirror is capable of reflecting and redirecting any enchantment aimed at it if the spell strikes it at an imprecise angle.

Thus, before you cast your charm, check that your mirror stands or hangs perpendicularly and at an exact 90 degree angle. The slightest tilt may result in ricochet.


Endnote on Spellcasting

As I stated previously, some mirrors are more liable to break during the enchantment process due to the poor quality of material used to make them.

Nevertheless, even well-made mirrors may break if an enchanter casts their spell with too much force (due possibly to exasperation or anger). Always make sure to cast your spells with a clear, calm mind, or your mirror may fracture. (I actually wrote this article after a truth charm rebounded and struck me in the chin. I couldn’t chew well for a week.)

I wish you luck and good enchanting.


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By Ian Martínez Cassmeyer

Ian Martinez Cassmeyer is a writer, blogger, and podcaster, living and working in St. Louis, Missouri. His non-fiction has appeared on and Every Writer’s Resource, and his fiction’s been included in the anthologies Beneath the Twin Suns, The New Normal, and, most recently, Star Crossed from Fedowar Press. You can catch his off-beat oddball takes on life, the universe, and everything else that interests him on Twitter (Ian_SMC) or on his blog, Two Cents.

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  1. This was a lot of fun, what an enchanting read! I love the blend of comedic elements when talking about the charms. Speaking of charms, I think my enchantment went wrong, and now my mirror is a bit cursed.

    Oh well, I’m sure it won’t be a problem…

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