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Spoiler: Possible Outcomes:


Traits: intelligent, curious, perceptive

Pain Rating: 5/10

Memorable Horror Decapitations: Charlie (hereditary), Keith Jennings (The Omen), Nora Carpenter (Final Destination 2)


Burned Alive

Traits: passionate, outgoing, excitable

Pain Rating: 10/10

Memorable Horror Fire Deaths: Christian (Midsommar), Neil Howie (The Wicker Man), Bob (The Hills Have Eyes)



Traits: versatile, short attention span, a little manic

Pain Rating: 7/10

Memorable Horror Dismemberments: Jonah (The Green Inferno), Rhodes (Day of the Dead), Shelly (The Evil Dead)



Traits: social, gossipy, chatty

Pain Rating: 8/10

Memorable Horror Assimilations: Windows (The Thing), Matthew (Invasion of the Body Snatchers), almost everyone (The Host)



Traits: quiet, shy, independent

Pain Rating: 3/10 (depends on the speed, but it usually happens pretty fast)

Memorable Horror Disintegrations: The Demogorgon (Stranger Things), Sitches the Clown (very messily) (Stitches). police dude (The Darkest Hour)


Buried Alive

Traits: stressed, hard working, reliable

Pain Rating: 10/10

Memorable Horror Burials: Amy (Megan is Missing), Matias (alternate ending) (Unfriended: Dark Web), Rick (Uncle Sam)


Eye Impaled

Traits: artsy, creative, mindful

Pain Rating: 7/10

Memorable Horror Eye Gougings: Paola (Zombi 2), Olivia (Final Destination 5), Mitchell (28 Days Later)



Traits: fit, driven, rebellious

Pain Rating: 8/10

Memorable Horror Eye Devourings: Quint (Jaws), Billy (Deep Rising), Zara (Jurassic World), M.P. Officer (The Mist)


Flayed Alive

Traits: attractive, stylish, a bit self conscious at times

Pain Rating: 10/10

Memorable Horror Flayings: Frank Cotton (Hellraiser), Anna (Martyrs),

Reverend Zombie (Hatchet 2)



Traits: ambitious, focused, workaholic

Pain Rating: 2/10

Examples:  Kalina (Thirteen Ghosts), Lewis Romero (Final Destination 3), Peter Strahm (Saw V)


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3 thoughts on “Personality Quiz: How Would You Be Unalived in a Horror Movie?”
  1. Lets be honest I’m the ethnic person who’s there for diversity, dose a lore dump and promptly dies first(confirming the accuracy of whatever I just lore dumped).

  2. Nooooooo not the Eye impaling!! I forgot that was an option😱
    Thank you for the quiz it was so much fun and the result was perfect!

  3. This Quiz is great and pr
    etty acurate. But please dont make this question mandatory: “You love clothes, jewelry, and/or makeup, and are stylish as hell.” Like yeah I love this stuff but im not stylish at all

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