Priest sailing on a boat through an ancient fantasy city

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Spoiler: Fantasy City Quiz Possible Outcomes:

Sky City

Traits: ambitious, successful, prideful, stubborn

Population: small


Crystalline City

Traits: smart, observant, vain, hot as hell

Population: large


Giant Animal City

Traits: compassionate, animal-lover, overeager, selfless

Population: medium


Shrunken City

Traits: thoughtful, intelligent, often overlooked, socially anxious

Population: small (literally)


Night City

Traits: mysterious, nocturnal, badass, kinda scary

Population: medium


Canopy City

Traits: nature-lover, adventurous, reckless, active

Population: large


Biohazard City

Traits: gruff, no-nonsense, resilient, been through some tough shit

Population: medium


Aetherpunk City

Traits: quirky, creative, somewhat unhinged, probably ADHD

Population: large


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